Conversations with M F K Fisher

Conversations with M F K  Fisher
Author : Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher
Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
Total Pages : 209
Release : 1992
ISBN 10 : 0878055967
ISBN 13 : 9780878055968
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Conversations with M F K Fisher Book Description:

This collection of interviews captures the conversations of a writer about whom the Chicago Sun-Times says, "She is to literary prose what Sir Laurence Olivier is to acting or Willie Mays is to baseball." These interviews reveal M.F.K. Fisher's fierce wit and her uncompromising and frequently contradictory attitudes toward the luxuries and necessities of gastronomy - the idea that sensual appreciation, in all aspects of life, is or should be necessary.

An Extravagant Hunger

An Extravagant Hunger
Author : Anne Zimmerman
Publisher : Catapult
Total Pages : 352
Release : 2011-02-10
ISBN 10 : 9781582438696
ISBN 13 : 1582438692
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

An Extravagant Hunger Book Description:

In An Extravagant Hunger, time slows and is relished, and the turning points and casual strolls of M.F.K. Fisher's life are unwrapped and savored. From the Berengaria that washed her across the sea to France in 1929, to Le Paquis, the Swiss estate that later provided a backdrop for some of the most idyllic and fleeting moments of her life, the stories of Fisher's love for food and her love for family and men are meticulously researched and exquisitely captured in this book. Exploring Fisher's lonely and formative time in Europe with her first husband; her subsequent divorce and re–marriage to her creative sparkplug, Dillwyn Parrish, and his tragic suicide; and the child she carried from an unnamed father, the story of M.F.K. Fisher's life becomes as vibrant and passionate as her prolific words on wine and cuisine. Letters and journal entries piece together a dramatic life, but An Extravagant Hunger steps further, bridging the gaps between personal notes and her public persona, filling in the silences by offering an engaging and unprecedented depth of intuitive commentary. With a passion of her own, Anne Zimmerman is the careful witness, lingering beside M.F.K. Fisher through her most dramatic and productive years.

Profiles from the Kitchen

Profiles from the Kitchen
Author : Charles A. Baker-Clark
Publisher : University Press of Kentucky
Total Pages : 224
Release : 2006-07-01
ISBN 10 : 9780813171333
ISBN 13 : 0813171334
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Profiles from the Kitchen Book Description:

In an age where convenience often ranks above quality, many Americans have abandoned traditional recipes and methods of cooking for fast solutions to their hunger and nourishment needs. Modern families are busier than ever, juggling hectic schedules that send them to fast-food restaurant drive-through windows and to grocery stores crowded with pre-processed and ready-to-eat foods. With parents frequently working during the daytime, efficient food preparation in the evenings has become the number one priority in kitchens across the country. This trend began during the post–World War II years, which heralded the arrival of “fast foods” and innovative technological advancements that sought to simplify the cooking process. These products were marketed as quick and convenient alternatives that transformed the concept of cooking from a cultural activity and a means of bonding with one’s family to a chore that should occupy as little time and energy as possible. Profiles from the Kitchen: What Great Cooks Have Taught Us about Ourselves and Our Food is Charles A. Baker-Clark’s call to abandon the “homogenization of food and dining experiences” by encouraging us to reclaim knowledge of cooking and eating and reconnect with our ethnic, familial, and regional backgrounds. Baker-Clark profiles fifteen individuals who have shaped our experiences with food and who have gone beyond popular trends to promote cooking as a craft worth learning and sustaining. The cooks and food critics he writes about emphasize the appreciation of good cooking and the relationship of food to social justice, spirituality, and sustainability. Profiles from the Kitchen highlights prominent figures within the food industry, from nationally and internationally known individuals such as Paul and Julia Child, James Beard, and M.F.K. Fisher to regional food experts such as John T. Edge and Dennis Getto. The result is a collective portrait of foodlovers who celebrate the rich traditions and histories associated with food in our daily lives and who encourage us to reestablish our own connections in the kitchen.

M F K Fisher Among the Pots and Pans

M  F  K  Fisher Among the Pots and Pans
Author : Joan Reardon
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Total Pages : 168
Release : 2008-07-03
ISBN 10 : 0520255550
ISBN 13 : 9780520255555
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

M F K Fisher Among the Pots and Pans Book Description:

A portrait of the life and career of noted culinary writer M. F. K. Fisher is set against the background of the many kitchens that she had known, the foods she had consumed in each of them, and their influence on her ideas about the art of eating, in an evocative retrospective complemented by original watercolors and personal recipes.

Icons of American Cooking

Icons of American Cooking
Author : Victor William Geraci
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 314
Release : 2011
ISBN 10 : 9780313381324
ISBN 13 : 0313381321
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Icons of American Cooking Book Description:

Presents the lives and careers of twenty-four American personalities involved in food and cooking, covering their education, travels, restaurants, written works, and awards. including such celebrities as James Beard, Julia Child, Mollie Katzen, Martha Stewart, and Alice Waters.

More Conversations with Walker Percy

More Conversations with Walker Percy
Author : Walker Percy
Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
Total Pages : 248
Release : 1993
ISBN 10 : 0878056238
ISBN 13 : 9780878056231
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

More Conversations with Walker Percy Book Description:

This collection of interviews supplements Conversations with Walker Percy and occasions an additional two dozen pleasurable encounters with Percy. Primarily from the last ten years of Percy's life, they show how his presence was stimulating thought in much of humanistic America, in literature, linguistics, psychology, and philosophy, and in cultural life in general. Although this acclaimed author of The Moviegoer, Lancelot, and Love in the Ruins never overcame his shyness with interviewers, he continued to grant interviews as long as his health permitted. This act of openness illustrates his humility before his ideas and his desire to help others understand them. Although the questions he was asked almost invariably became predictable, he always managed to add an anecdote, an illustration, a topical reference, that would breathe new life into the responses he was making. The interviews in this collection show him at the height when he knew that his illness would not allow him to write any more books, and that the only way to restate his ideas and offer a valediction to the large audience to whom he had always been kind, patient, and appreciative was to speak out. Percy despised the posture of many modern self-proclaimed intellectuals who delight in cloaking ideas in jargon and abstraction. He always tried to express himself clearly and as free of reservations as possible. These interviews reflect that clarity. With this book readers will welcome yet more close encounters with him.

Long Ago In France

Long Ago In France
Author : M.F.K. Fisher
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Total Pages : 159
Release : 1992-02-15
ISBN 10 : 9780671755140
ISBN 13 : 0671755145
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Long Ago In France Book Description:

Recounts the author's three year stay in Dijon before the outbreak of World War II, and details the people encountered there

Playing House in the American West

Playing House in the American West
Author : Cathryn Halverson
Publisher : University of Alabama Press
Total Pages : 251
Release : 2013-11-26
ISBN 10 : 9780817318031
ISBN 13 : 0817318038
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Playing House in the American West Book Description:

Examining an eclectic group of western women’s autobiographical texts—canonical and otherwise—Playing House in the American West argues for a distinct regional literary tradition characterized by strategic representations of unconventional domestic life. The controlling metaphor Cathryn Halverson uses in her engrossing study is “playing house.” From Caroline Kirkland and Laura Ingalls Wilder to Willa Cather and Marilynne Robinson, from the mid-nineteenth to the late-twentieth centuries, western authors have persistently embraced wayward or eccentric housekeeping to prove a woman’s difference from western neighbors and eastern readers alike. The readings in Playing House investigate the surprising textual ends to which westerners turn the familiar terrain of the home: evaluating community; arguing for different conceptions of race and class; and perhaps most especially, resisting traditional gender roles. Western women writers, Halverson argues, render the home as a stage for autonomy, resistance, and imagination rather than as a site of sacrifice and obligation. The western women examined in Playing House in the American West are promoted and read as representatives of a region, as insiders offering views of distant and intriguing ways of life, even as they conceive of themselves as outsiders. By playing with domestic conventions, they recast the region they describe, portraying the West as a place that fosters female agency, individuality, and subjectivity.

M F K Fisher Julia Child and Alice Waters

M F K  Fisher  Julia Child  and Alice Waters
Author : Joan Reardon
Publisher : Harmony
Total Pages : 302
Release : 1994
ISBN 10 : UCSC:32106011007462
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

M F K Fisher Julia Child and Alice Waters Book Description:

A portrait of three women discusses their extraordinary influence on the way in which Americans experience food